By Polar Apr 3, 2013
We have introduced a feature to Loot Rank which lists the top upgrades grouped by boss so that you can work out where to best spend your weekly bonus loot rolls.

Simply select your class + spec from the "Loot Rank" drop-down menu and then enter your character name and realm to load your current gear. Select the "Bonus Rolls" tab and you will then see a list of all bosses and a sum of the upgrade values of the items they can drop. The filter tab allows you to filter out the raids that you are not running - what remains is a ranked list of bosses and the upgrades they can bring. Choose the bosses at the top of the list as the best candidates to spend your precious bonus loot rolls - it is that easy!

And best of all - it is absolutely free! Try it out today.
By Gervahlt May 1, 2013
I love this feature and used it extensively for the past two or three weeks. This past four days or so it won't load my toon.
By Polar May 2, 2013
Can you let us know the name of your toon and the server you are on? We will get it fixed asap!
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