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We have a winner! It is day 12 and DREAM Paragon show their class and claim world-first>Heroic Lei Shen. Congrats to them! Lei Shen is the last of the standard heroic bosses, leaving only "bonus boss" Ra-den. Ra-den has a 30 attempt limit per week and kills can be tracked>here.

The kill was done in 10 man mode, with the following raid line-up:>>' target=_blank>Deawyn>>' target=_blank>Devai>>' target=_blank>Fraggo>>' target=_blank>Hardclass>>' target=_blank>Jhazrun>>Jöötikeisari>>Lappé>>' target=_blank>Oixte>>' target=_blank>Smirk>>' target=_blank>Verdisha

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