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It is eight days since the opening of the tier 15 heroics and>Blood Legion made short work of moving through all of the heroic bosses with the new lockout and have moved into second place with their first kill of>Twin Consorts. They are the first 25m guild to be working on heroic Lei Shen.

Remember our kill times are normalized for the EU, TW and KR based on delayed access to the heroic content. We rank guilds based on the number of encounters they have conquered and then by the normalized time of their most recent kill. Simple, powerful, easy to understand.>See our rankings in action

The second wing of the Throne of Thunder LFR is now open and offers a look at Tortos, Megaera and Ji-Kun. You need an item level of 480 to queue for this LFR. Looking for gear? Try out Loot Rank service by selecting your class template from the Loot Rank drop-down menu or check out Wowhead's patch 5.2 gear guide for tips.

Update#1: The team at Method (25) have also killed Twin Consorts
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