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It has been one week since the release of heroics and we have movement in the race with Exorsus and Moonz joining Method and Blood Legion with an Iron Qon kill. DREAM Paragon (10) continue to work on the final boss, Heroic Lei Shen.

Ground Zero is the best of the Asian guilds with a recent Primordius kill.

Who will win the race? Will DREAM Paragon do it again? You can view the live leaderboard via our>25+10 Rankings page. Get your free live email alerts set up via our>options page.

Update#1: The>March 19 Hotfix List includes adjustments to five Throne of Thunder bosses

Update#2:>Moonz (10) become the second guild to kill Heroic Twin Consorts. They skipped Dark Animus and elected to kill the Twins instead.
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