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Six days have passed and only Lei Shen and Ra-den remain. The team at DREAM Paragon (10) have made a late run and have conquered Heroic Twin Consorts to take the lead. Method and Blood Legion currently lead the 25 rankings.

You can follow all of the live world rankings on our>25+10 ranking page.

In other news, a shout out to wowprogress for adopting the "you are only as good as the time of your last kill" approach to guild progress rankings with their recent announcement that they have abandoned their complex scoring and have adopted a fixed score per boss kill. GuildOx has been using this simplified mechanism of scoring for many years now and we are genuinely flattered to see that it is becoming more widely used as the way to rank raid progress. Let's hope we see more adoption of our kill time normalization system for delayed access to heroic content which make the world rankings fair. =P
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