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One day has passed and we have seen plenty of activity on the T15 raid progress front.

US guilds>Blood Legion and>Exodus currently sit atop the>charts at T15H 6/12 with kills of>Heroic Megaera and>Heroic Ji-Kun.

The team at EU's>Method have responded with kills up to Megaera and are currently working on Ji-Kun.

As usual, we are keeping world rankings fair by subtracting time off the EU kills given that the EU have a large delay in accessing the heroic modes. The time we subtract is the difference in time from when the servers first came online with the new heroic content. What is most interesting is that the time difference for Heroic Megaera kills for these top three guilds is only>7 minutes! The race is truly on.

You can follow all the action on our main>25+10 ranking page.

Update#1: Method hit the lead with a kill of>Heroic Ji-Kun. They completed this 80 mins ahead of Blood Legion based on normalized times.

Update#2: No new boss kills but EU guild>Envy slots in to position #3.

Update#3: Blood Legion kill>Heroic Durumu the Forgotten and move to 7/12
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