By Polar Mar 4, 2013
Patch 5.2 will drop tomorrow. We have made the following preparations:
  • All Throne of Thunder bosses are loaded into our database so we can begin tracking raid progress - be sure to pop on to GuildOx when you have done your first boss-kill and hit the 'update' button on your guild page
  • All new Throne of Thunder raid achievements have been loaded in and can be viewed via the 'Guild Rank' drop-down menu
  • Our>Loot Rank system has the new Throne of Thunder raid epics plus Shado-Pan Assault, Kirin Tor and Sunreaver faction rewards loaded up so you can check out your new upgrades
  • Item upgrades are no longer offered in the game so we have disabled this function in Loot Rank
A few quick tips for patch 5.2

Hang on to your Valor points (being mindful of the 3000 point cap) - there are plenty of new faction items that can be purchased with Valor. Hold on to your Lesser Charms - they can be used to purchase new Mogu Runes of Fate which are needed for bonus rolls in the Throne of Thunder raids and the new world bosses. You start the Isle of Thunder quests by being sent to the Shado-Pan garrison in Townlong Steppes - follow the quest line to the doorstep of the Throne of Thunder. The Throne of Thunder LFR requires an average item level of 480 and will'>open on March 12.

For more details, check out the great Patch 5.2 guides at MMO-Champion and Wowhead.
By Skyrei Mar 5, 2013
Not a big deal but the VP cap is 3,000 not 4,000
By Polar Mar 6, 2013
Thanks - will get it fixed!
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