By Polar Jan 26, 2011
I want to take this opportunity to clear up a few things regarding 25m rankings. I get a lot of emails on the topic so I thought it was worth dispelling some of the myths.

Since Cataclysm, Blizzard has not (yet) provided an XML-based method to establish when a guild kills a raid boss on 25 or 10 player mode.

This is a fact that we have to live with. There is some talk of a first quarter release of new XML feeds that will hopefully give us the data we need.

In the meantime, automated guild ranking systems like GuildOx need to use other methods.

Most automated systems, like GuildOx, are still using the pre-Cataclysm data from the old wowarmory. Some of this XML data is still updating with Cataclsym info and some is not. The data that does update shows a time/date stamp for each player when they achieve a boss kill. Unfortunately, it only shows an accurate time/date stamp for the first kill that the player completed. Data for subsequent kills is not made available.

Automated systems can only reliably score the first kill for any guild, be it 10m or 25m, but not both.

While we can sometimes see enough players on a subsequent kill to determine that it was a 25m kill, there are many times when we cannot. Visit our'>EJ thread for a bit more detail on this.

I have chosen to only track first boss kills rather than put up rankings that miss out on a lot of valid kills.

With the release of Cataclysm, I had a decision to make with regards to 25m rankings. I knew that automated services could not accurately track all 25m kills. I made the decision that it was better to show rankings of 25m guilds that had killed bosses first in 25m mode as opposed to cobbling together 25m rankings based on partial kill data.

What's the advantages and disadvantages of the GuildOx 25m rankings?

The big advantage is that you know that what you see is what you would expect. If a guild has made their last two first-kills as a 25m outfit then they will be accurately tagged and ranked as a 25m guild. This works nicely for GuildOx since we use simple scoring systems and it fits in with our "you are only as good as your last kill" philosophy.

The downside is that there might be some guilds that have been killing raid bosses in 10m mode first, and then killing them in 25m mode in a later week that will not be ranked as a 25m guild. This is an unfortunate reality of this system. The good news is that once these guilds start killing bosses first in 25m mode then they will be automatically included in the 25m rankings with no penalty.

This system is just temporary!

As soon as our friends at Blizzard bring out an accurate method to work out the mode of the boss kill then GuildOx will certainly be showing all kills that a guild makes and ranking them accordingly.

If you have any comments or suggestions then please head on over to our'>EJ thread.

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