By Polar Feb 20, 2013
We have launched our popular achievement and title ranks which show the most common and rarest achievements by max level characters. We take data from our character database and filter out alts using our alt detection. These tables are updated regularly.>GuildOx Popular Achievement Rankings>GuildOx Popular Title Rankings

Also, be sure to check out our recently released popular>Mounts and>Pets rankings.
By potatoe Feb 21, 2013
The obvious questions seems to be:

What are the rarest achievements/titles/pets/mounts that I have already obtained?

What are the rarest achievements/titles/pets/mounts that I can obtain in game?

It would be nice to able to exclude items that have been removed from the game or are only obtainable outside of the game via loot cards from TCG/Blizzcon.
By uzziel Feb 21, 2013
Seeker of Knowledge title doesn't seem to be the on the list yet.

I know it's beta, I'm not complaining, just throwing it out there!
By Polar Feb 22, 2013
Seeker of Knowledge has been added - it seems it is missing from the Blizzard API list. Yell out if you see any more missing.
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