By Polar Jan 11, 2011
I am pleased to announce the introduction of Average Item Level character rankings to our'>Toon Rank service. With Cataclysm comes a built-in average item level gear value so Gear Score calculations have been removed from GuildOx and replaced with this new measure. I have increased the average item level resolution to include one figure past the decimal point and all toon records will update the next time they are refreshed by the GuildOx crawlers.

You may also have noticed that our toon pages are also showing whether the character's gear level is within the average raid gear level for any given boss kill. The boss kill gear level data is dynamic and will update as more guilds make their way through Cataclysm raids. Green is for easy-mode, yellow is for challenging and red is a hint to work on your gear. See an example of a very handsome'>Gnome mage.

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