By Polar Dec 22, 2010
A load of new features has recently been released for GuildOx:

  • 25 and 10 rankings are full up and running and I have added some details on how they operate to our'>About page - in summary, your guild will be eligible for 25 or 10 ranks if your last three progression kills have been in that raid mode

  • Guild pages will now show your 25m or 10m rank when your guild is eligible

  • New 25m or 10m banners are available for inclusion on your web site

  • Our signature images now show the progression in a more prominent place, and new 25 and 10 signatures have been added

  • 25m and 10m ranks have been re-enabled for the progress charts

  • The'>World Progress Stats now shows the raid's average Ilvl

  • Our XML feed structure for guilds has changed - old ranking tags have been removed and some new ones added

  • We now offer a JSON feed (check the About page for details and an example)

Don't forget to visit our'>EJ Thread and post up your comments or suggestions! -Polar

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