By Polar Feb 3, 2013
We are pleased to announce a the addition of the GuildOx'>Popular Mount rankings which show the most common and rarest of WoW mounts. The list is taken from a sample of all max level characters in our database and is updated daily.

Let us know what you think of the lists - additional filters coming soon.
By heywoods Feb 4, 2013
Great addition to the site, guys! I have a question + a feature request.

Question: How did you guys handle the duplication of mount data due to the nature of the account-wide system and the API not providing a way to distinguish by say account id? I assume you removed max level characters using your sites "alt detection" when it found them to avoid counting mounts more than once?

Feature request(s): Similar to what you have done with mounts; it would be really interesting to see a list of feats of strengths or achievements. If and when you roll out this new mount feature to FoS or achievements, it would be great (maybe as a "premium" feature) to see a list of the characters who have earned these rare mounts, feats, achievements. It would be a great tool for recruitment to find high caliber players.

Anways, great work GuildOx. Keep it up!
By heywoods Feb 6, 2013
I guess on second thought the API policy says you can't sell the raw data so maybe it couldn't be sold as a premium service.
By Polar Feb 6, 2013
This thread contains some more details on what we are doing:

As for your feature requests - standby :)
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