By Polar Dec 28, 2012
Mount collectors rejoice! Due to popular demand, we have added new mount rankings which filter out opposing faction mounts, leaving mount lists that match the in-game "mounts collected" figure.

Characters currently at the top of the ranks are:
  1. Gabzz, Sargeras-EU 245
  2. Мегуми, Soulflayer-EU 240
  3. Bogeymann, Silver Hand-US 238
  4. Wodi, Thaurissan-US 238'>Check out the new faction mount ranks

Pet Collectors can see their unqiue pet ranks'>here.

In other news, the team at Blizzard have just released an update to the API which allows us to see what items are upgraded on characters. Subsequently, we have now implemented the following in our'>Loot Rank system:
  • GuildOx Item Level toon ranks now include item upgrades (it may take a few days to update all of the toons)
  • Character pages now show an item level including upgraded items
  • Character pages now show the upgrade level in the tooltip when hovering over an item
  • Our Loot Rank system now loads a character's upgraded items and will highlight them in the loot lists
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