By Polar Dec 9, 2010
The first lot of normal-mode boss kills are happening and after a slight technical hitch, the'>world raid ranks are now populating nicely.

How can you help? If your guild kills a new raid boss then be sure to jump on to your guild page (use the'>search option if you can't find it) and push the 'Update' button. Ask a few of your raid members to log out and back in quickly to ensure that the pages are refreshed. Your boss kill will be recorded immediately.

Would you like to know which bosses are the easier ones to start on? Check out our'>World Progress Stats for details on the gear score that is being seen when guilds first kill the boss.

The new GuildOx add-on - yes, I have pulled out some LUA coding tutorials and delivered the first Guild Rank addon for Wow. It shows the guild ranks of players in their tooltip - so you know the guild advancement for those party members that you have in your random dungeon or battleground group. Download it today via'>Curse (don't forget to vote for it while you are there).

One last point - you can expect to see to-the-minute timestamps on the heroic boss kills (we have not enabled this for normal boss kills).


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