By Polar Nov 28, 2012
With the recent launch of patch 5.1, we have added support for epic item upgrading to our>Loot Rank system.'>

You will notice that epic items have three versions that will show in the ranks - a non-upgraded item, a +4 ilvl upgrade and a +8 ilvl upgrade. The upgrade items will be denoted with a green up arrow and the level of the upgrade (L1 or L2) in the 'Item Level' cell. The Valor Point upgrade cost is also shown. The item tooltips also show the upgrade level and upgraded stats.

We will run this system as a beta over the new few weeks. Please report any bugs you find in our bug forum.

Coming Soon

* The ability to switch off item upgrades
* Correct detection of upgraded items when importing a character from (waiting on a Blizzard API update)
* Justice point upgrade support for rare/blue quality items
* Conquest/Honor point upgrade support for PvP items
By Acez Nov 29, 2012
Can you please make the ability to switch off item upgrades high on the priority list? Please? I need to know what gear to get first before I can worry about upgrading it...
By Polar Dec 2, 2012
We will certainly do that first then
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