By Polar Dec 6, 2010
With just one sleep to go, we have some update announcements for the GuildOx service.

WotLK achievements are being removed - you will see the WotLK acheivements disappearing from GuildOx. Don't worry - your last 9 months of rankings will still be shown on your guild's progress chart.

World Rank calculations temporarily suspended - your guild's world and realm ranks will be suspended until guilds first enter the T11 raid dungeons. If history is anything to go by, you can expect this to happen within the first week of Cataclysm.

New GuildOx site - we have a new site ready to go and we will be making this available upon official Cataclysm release. If you are using our XML feed then note that some of the XML tags will be changing for Cataclysm. GuildOx will be ready to show all of the world-first boss kills, top GS players, new raid loot and other up-to-date guild progress info.

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