By Polar Nov 14, 2012
We have been busy over the past few weeks and have recently added a ton of new features to GuildOx:

Popular Specs

We have added a'>popular specs report showing which specs are the most popular for the top 5% of wow characters. The report shows both raiding (PvE) specs and PvP specs. It is a great way to check that you have the right spec for the job.

Popular Glyphs

A'>few weeks back we introduced the popular talents reports and they have proven to be extremely popular. We have expanded this to also cover the most'>popular major glyphs. This also looks at the top 5% of PvE and PvP characters.

Improved Alt Detection

With the introduction of MoP, we had more data at our fingertips to improve the alt detection. We were the'>first to introduce alt detection and we have improved on this with a new alt detection algorithm introduced a couple of weeks back. It no longer requires that the achievement points closely match for it to be accurate and is giving some great results. Be sure to hit "update" on your toons if they have not been updated for some time to force a refresh of the alt detection.

More Pet Rankings

Our Toon Rank'>Top Pets ranking was changed three weeks ago to filter out duplicate pets and now includes totals for unique pets only. We also introduced a'>Pets Battle Levels ranking that adds up the levels of your pets to give an indication of those that are dominating the pet battle scene.

25/10 raid size detection

We have also introduced a new algorithm designed to improve the 25/10 detection of boss kills. Blizzard has combined the achievements for LFR and Normal mode kills so it has become increasingly challenging to detect the mode of a boss kill once the raid members kill a given boss on LFR. While it is still not 100% perfect, we have seen a greatly improved level accuracy. Contact us if you see that your kill is being incorrectly categorized and we will investigate.

Finally, a note on our normalization for world ranking - due to the non-intentional gate imposed by the Heroic Vizier fight (where it required two rounds of nerfs from Blizzard before it could be conquered) we have decided not to normalize the date/time of the heroic boss kills in the Heart of Fear. We felt that all guilds, regardless of what region they play in, were of fairly equal footing this time with regards to the race for the world firsts.
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