By Polar Nov 8, 2012
Kapsu and Sponde of Finnish guild Arctica were kind enough to take time out to talk to GuildOx and share some comments about their world-first heroic Heart of Fear experiences.

What heroic bosses have you killed so far in Heart of Fear?

We've killed Blade Lord Ta'yak and Garalon on 10 man heroic difficulty so far.

Approximately how many pulls did it take to master each of these kills?

When we arrived at Blade Lord Ta'yak we went ahead and tried a couple of things. What we realized was that we were running an excellent comp for the fight. Once the fight was figured out, we managed to pull it off fairly easily, killing him on our 12th pull. Garalon seemed a bit trickier at first but once we had figured out the rotations we managed to get to phase 2 the majority of the time, where we ended up wiping on the low percentages quite a few times due to a member fail or just not being able to stabilize on the raid damage. We extended our raid time by about an hour or so after wiping at 3.1% and managed to pull it off with just 20 pulls.

What is your next Heroic target?

We are aiming for Wind Lord and Amber Shaper this reset.

What made you decide to move on from Heroic Imperial Vizier?

Before the raid started our guild master threw out a joke about doing Imperial Vizier on normal and trying out the other bosses and see how they go. We saw high end guilds who raid a lot more than we do not kill it, so we saw no chance of killing the first boss any time soon. That, with the fact that we thought additional nerfs would be coming next week, we decided to skip the first one and see if we could get anything done. We basically took a high risk with a high reward potential and it just happened that things lined up for us and we managed to do it. :) Not quite what we expected. We really had little interest on the "race" for world firsts, though of course we were aware of the fact.

What is the main mechanic on Heroic Vizier that is causing problems?

From the little pulls we managed to get in yesterday, the most annoying fact is the bosses RNG on which platform he will start on. Besides that, there isn't a single mechanic that is the main reason for wipes, but the combined effect of many mechanics.

How long do you think it will be before we see a Heroic Vizier kill?

It will be today or tomorrow at the latest as we're already seeing really low % wipes.

What else could Blizzard do to the Heroic Vizier fight to help?

They should either make some of the mechanics more forgiving (meaning less damage or less frequent casts) or adjust some of the combos, even after the hotfix.

Congratulations again on the two world-firsts - tell me, what makes Finnish guilds such good raiders? Is it something in the water?

Thanks! That's a difficult question, but I believe a lot of Finnish guilds don't necessarily have the best individual players, but finnish raiders seem to work together extremely well. Also beer and sauna.

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