By Polar Aug 11, 2010'>The Typhoon Struggle of Defias Brotherhood-EU has become the first'>10m-strict guild to defeat the Lich King on heroic mode.'>Sheeana, Typhoon's GM, commented that the Lich King heroic encounter is by far the greatest achievement by Blizzard designers. "It already poses unique challenges on normal mode and when you switch to heroic, several new abilities along with a +70% modifier is added (LK, Shamblers, etc. have approximately 70% more health and do 70% more damage). This means that with the 30% ICC buff you still have an encounter which is much more challenging than any of the other bosses were even without the ICC buff."

On the specific challenges faced by a 10m-strict guild, Sheeana says, "One of the biggest challenges as a 10 man strict guild is the limited roster - you often only have 10-12 people to pick from. In our case we don't have any Paladins or Death Knights so that presented our first big challenge on the Lich King heroic fight. Everywhere we looked people talked about using Paladin/Priest combo as healing setup. Rather than messing with our roster we decided to have faith in our healers abilities and felt certain that they, along with some tweaks, could make up for the lack of a Paladin."

"Phase 1 definitely posed the biggest challenge in the fight. First of all the lack of a Paladin put more stress on the healers and required more use of cooldowns on tanks in order to survive. Furthermore our setup lacked cleave/splash damage on the ghouls so we had to work out a tactic where we ferried the plague to the Shambling Horrors after it had stacked up on the ghouls. This of course was dangerous work as you had to dodge traps on your way."

The 10m-strict rankings were introduced by GuildOx shortly after the Wrath expansion was released to give 10m raiding guilds something new to aim for. As for their choice of sticking to the 10m-strict rules, Sheeana has no regrets. "Being a small guild and focusing primarily on 10 man instances right from the start of WotLK made it a natural choice to aim for the strict ladder when it was launched. Even though the strict rules give some leeway in regards to doing 25 man instances we decided right from the start to avoid this grey area. Everyone, including the people not part of the raiding team, respected this decision which we're thankful for."

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