By Polar Aug 2, 2010
In our commitment to continual improvement of the GuildOx service, we have made some recent additions.

Toon Guild History

You can now see the guild history of characters via their Toon Rank page. This is a great tool for checking out the history of the new applicants that you may have to your guild.

Banners and Progress

We now show the guild's progress on the Banners. When integrated into your web site, the banner will show your guild's progress and rankings. A user that clicks on the links in the banner will be able to view the corresponding ranking table.

10m Casual Banners and Sigs

Due to popular demand, we have added 10m Casual banners and sigs. If you have dropped off the 10m Strict rankings, you can now display your 10m Casual rankings on your web site (via the banners) or in your signature posts on forums (via the sigs).

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