By Polar Jun 29, 2010
Blizzard has officially opened the Ruby Sanctum, featuring the new boss, Halion the Twilight Destroyer along with his three lieutenants. Halion has been sent to assault the Ruby Sanctum in order to disrupt and potentially decimate the red dragonflight.

Nethaera: As noted in the official patch 3.3.5 notes, ( the release of the Ruby Sanctum was briefly delayed to better align its availability across all regions.

We're happy to announce that the wait is over, and the Ruby Sanctum is now open. To learn more about this exciting new raid dungeon, please visit the Ruby Sanctum preview page.

You can see all the Ruby Sanctum achievement action unfold at:'>Halion 25 Heroic'>Halion 25'>Halion 10 Heroic'>Halion 10
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