By Polar Jun 29, 2010
GuildOx is ready for Halion! We have added the Halion kill achievements to the tracked achievement list. All of Halion's loot has been added to the'>Loot Rank database and the new heroic trinkets have been modeled.

For those guilds aiming to maintain their 10m strict rankings, please note that Halion 25 drops iLvL 271 gear and running it will exclude you from 10m strict rankings. Halion 25 drops iLvL 271 gear and this is well above anything that you can gain in ICC 10 Heroic.

You will be able to see the Halion action unfold at:'>Halion 25 Heroic'>Halion 25'>Halion 10 Heroic'>Halion 10
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