By Polar Oct 7, 2012
Loot Rank has been updated with more trinket on-proc models, impressive Darkmoon Faire trinkets and MoP enchants/spellthread/leg armor/shoulder inscriptions.

Looking for a best-in-slot items, reforge and gemming lists for heroic dungeons or Mogu'shan vaults? Check out our Loot Rank class templates by clicking on the Loot Rank drop-down menu.

Be sure to adjust the filter to show items from the areas that you are currently running. You can easily set it to heroic dungeons, MV normal, MV heroic or MV LFR. Also, don't forget to load your character so you can see your Top 50 upgrade list.

If you have any comments about the stat weights, missing items or suggestions for improvement then be sure to post in our forums.
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