By Polar Jun 28, 2010
Your raid team has just defeated normal-mode Deathbringer Saurfang, so where to next? You have plenty of choices. Do you go Festergut, Rotface, Blood-Prince Council or Valithria Dreamwalker? Some of these encounters are more difficult than others and the key to quick progression is tackling the easiest ones first.

According to our'>World Progress Stats, which shows the gear level of raids when they first down a given ICC boss, Festergut is the easiest of the bosses past Saurfang for both 25 and 10 man raids. The Festergut encounter is a dps check - and one that has been getting considerably more achievable with the increasing ICC zone buff. Note that there is quite an average raid gear level jump from Saurfang to Festergut - suggesting that you may require a bit of work on him before you get him down.

Rotface, the other abomination in the Plagueworks, is the next easiest encounter and is almost on par with Festergut with respect to gear level requirement.

From here it gets interesting - for 25m raiding, the Blood-Prince Council is next in line followed by Dreamwalker and Professor Putricide. However, for 10m raid groups, Professor Putricide is somewhat easier than his 25m counterpart and is the next boss followed by Dreamwalker and Blood-Prince Council.

Sindragosa remains the most difficult normal-mode encounter before the Lich King so be sure to leave her until very last.

Finally, keep in mind that raid gear levels are one thing, but a healthy knowledge of the fights and good skill will go a long way to helping you be successful in your ICC campaign.
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