By Polar Oct 2, 2012
With raiding about to kick off, we have added all T14 raid bosses and raid achievements to GuildOx. You can see all of the new raid bosses listed on the "Progress T14" tab of each guild page. We have retained the T13, T12 and T11 boss kills as history for each guild and they now have their own tabs. The Guild Rank/Achievements drop-down menu now lists the Pandaria raid achievements as well as retaining the Cataclysm raid achievements.

If you are hitting the Mogu'shan Vaults tomorrow then head on over and submit your guild for updates when you kill some bosses. Be sure to have your raid members log out and back in (so that the API gets updated) and then hit the "Update" button on your GuildOx guild page.

Best of luck with the raids!
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