By Polar Jun 17, 2010
We are pleased to announce the addition of 10m Casual ranks. Following in the steps of our pioneering 10m strict ranks, the new 10m casual ranks allow 10m raiding guilds to compete where they no longer qualify for the strict rankings.

The 10m Casual ranks list guilds where their 10m world progress rank is at least 5000 positions better than their 25m rank. It is a very simple measure - there is no monitoring of gear or boss kills. It is designed to be a 'casual' form of ranking of 10m guild progress. Click on the 10m Casual Progress Rank button to see the rankings. The individual guild pages list the world, region and server casual ranks and the guild progress charts also show the casual ranking trends over time.

In other news, due to popular requests from our European users, we have added filters for servers of specific languages. You can now see your ranking amongst DE, FR, RU and ES speaking servers by selecting the appropriate language filter.
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