By Polar Sep 17, 2012
While the recent addition of account-wide achievements caused a few challenges for us here at GuildOx, it also brought its fair share of new opportunity. We are proud to announce the addition of cross-realm "Alt Detection" to our character pages. Alt detection has many uses, including validating claims and providing extra insight into applicants when recruiting new guild members.

Check out an example from my'>handsome warrior.

If you don't want your alts to be known then it can be disabled by going into the game, selecting Interface/Display and then checking the "Display Only Character Achievements to Others".

Note that you must actively log into your alts in the game for this detection to work - account-wide achievements are refreshed when a character logs in and out of the game.

Update:'>WoW Insider Coverage
MMO-Champion Coverage
By Lanou Sep 18, 2012
A great idea! You'll get a lot of visitors. :)
By dryphus Sep 18, 2012
are there any plans to group rankings by player rather than character? or maybe a filtering option? I enjoy the fact that I am sitting roughly at about 12th on my server in achievement points and only have 1 toon at top level. It's a bit more difficult to figure out now that the account wide changes have taken place
By Kapulani Sep 18, 2012
For some reason, some of my characters are being grouped separate from other characters.

Aolani and Kanaloa and Punahele are one set of characters. Kapulani and Kaleokalani and Lanikai are another. They are on the same account on the same server (Dark Iron-US).

Anyway, not a complaint, just an FYI. Maybe these sample cases can help as you develop Alt Detection.
By malenx Sep 19, 2012
None of my characters are linked to each other, I've updated them all as well.

For your own troubleshooting if your interested, all on Mug'thol, some of my 85's are Kiala, Kalenx, Nalenx, Malenx, Pantalones.
By prosecco Sep 19, 2012
Same here. I checked the points and they were all the same. I logged in and out of al of them. None of them seem to show up.
By Polar Sep 20, 2012
@Dryphus - yes, we will be using the alt detection to filter toon rankings. coming soon.

@Kapulani - your two groups have slightly different achievement points. The achievement points currently need to match for them to be all picked up as one set of alts.

@Malenx - we fixed this up so it should be fine for you now. Kiala is the exception - i know why this toon is not showing and expect this to be sorted with the MoP launch.

@Pros - I will investigate.
By Ethica Sep 21, 2012
I am getting some weird toons added to my alts and also my main says i have no alts but my alts are saying some random players are my alts and some don't even have my other alts on them just the random horde toons. Also on the server transfer info my druid is the only one that has different info, all my toons minus warlock should have info.

here is a list of my toons.
Main - Ethica (prot warrior) Stormrage-US-Alliance |
Alt - Windowpane (guardian druid) Stormrage-US-Alliance |
Alt - Ehgrieza (Blood DK) Stormrage-US-Alliance |
Alt - Remission (Prot pally) Stormrage-US-Alliance |
Alt - Bananabeam (resto shammy) Stormrage-US-Alliance |
Alt - Samhain (demo warlock) Kil'Jaeden-US-Horde |

The horde toons Krain and Baskol are not mine
By dryphus Sep 21, 2012
thx for the reply polar :) can't wait for it :P
By Polar Sep 21, 2012
@Ethica - your main is not connected to your alts simply because you have different achievement points on your main compared to the alts. Update all of your alts in-game and then on GuildOx and they will link up. This will also clear out those horde toons.
By yazoo Sep 22, 2012
My toons are not linking up,

Gwendle of Azuremyst -
Ahbujaan of Azuremyst -

By Ethica Sep 22, 2012
@Polar, I have updated them in game and on game they are even on points...on here they are not. Not sure whats up :/
By Polar Sep 22, 2012
@Yazoo - They will start linking up when you get into some MoP raiding.

@Ethica - If your pages are not updating with your achievement points then you need to touch base with Blizzard support. We can't do much unless the achievement points match. See: (currently 9985 ach points) (currently 10200 ach points)
By Synatra Sep 23, 2012
Here is my Paladin:

It's showing a mage named Kara and a paladin named Luvatar as alts. The mage is indeed my alt. The paladin is not. Your site even acknowledges they have different achievement points and it still thinks its my alt. Meanwhile, a bunch of my alts are not listed. Seems your feature still needs some work.
By Ethica Sep 23, 2012
Thanks again Polar....I'll just keep trying to manually update them in game and on here then
By Polar Sep 23, 2012
@Synatra - yes, while we are currently detecting around 95% of L85+ alts, the feature is still in beta and we are still refining it. Can you provide the list of the alts that "should" be showing and we will investigate. Thanks
By Polar Sep 23, 2012
Synatra, I had a look at and it is only showing the following alts:

Combomambo, Sinnatra, Kara - are these all yours?
By kesali Oct 3, 2012
What do I do if it's listing a toon as an alt that's not mine?

None of my alts are at 90 yet, and all of the 85's are on Proudmoore...I don't expect them to show up, since I haven't started leveling them yet, but I'd like to remove the toon that's not me from the page.
By Ephiine Jan 13, 2013
How do I remove a list of alts? Ive gone in and clicked in game where you guys said to "opt out" but I still see a list of alts when I pull up a toon
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