By Polar Jun 15, 2010
Malgayne of had the pleasure of attending the Blizzard press event regarding the upcoming Cataclysm release.

Of special interest is the new information relating to the Cataclysm raid format:

  • 25man raids will drop more loot per player, specifically 50% more and it has been suggested that this bonus loot will be in the form of emblems.

  • You can downshift (split) your 25man raid into up to three separate 10man raids.

  • Raid IDs will be less restrictive in that if you already have a raid ID then you will be able to join another raid ID within the same lockout period provided they have no bosses up that you have already killed.

  • There is also discussion about a new guild landing page with an activity feed, similar to that which the wowarmory has for characters.

Head on over to Wowhead and check out the details.
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