By dopplegager Aug 30, 2012
Is there going to be a change to the achievement tracker with achievements going account wide? When I look at my realm leader boards for example, one person has 7 toons in the top ten now. Makes a leader board kinda moot if it tracks characters. like that.
By Hexzon Aug 30, 2012
Given the account wide achievements now , prob wont be long before many sites can use them to track characters linked to the same account, to fix the leaderboard on achievements they would have to implement something like that, would prob have to rewrite all the code.
By Polar Sep 1, 2012
@dopplegager - I would be interested to hear any ideas people have for our achievement ranking lists. I am not sure if there is a way now to distinguish between alts given everyone now has common achievements.


@hexzon - I like the idea but how would you distinguish between alts and toons that are genuinely different owners but the same achievement points?
By Hexzon Sep 1, 2012
Well its the idea to know who is who is simple, but the coding well god knows, basically you just need to check the meta achievements, the achievements that are BLUE mean they count for progression from all toon's like most of the Meta's and mount achievements, thus a if two characters are on the same account they will have the same date for these blue achievements since they are account wide, even if both had the achievement before from what I've seen both characters will simply have the date of the one that was done first.

So basically to check if 2 or more characters are on the same account, first check 1 if they have the same points, then 2 check if the dates on a few of the BLUE Account wide achievements have been completed on the same date.

Obviously coding all that would take some work, and i don't know how the server would be handling the extra data, but basically you can use that to link toon's to the same account.
By riokou Sep 1, 2012
I think any method that involves comparing achievements between characters would not be practical. For one thing, doing so would greatly increase the workload required to maintain an accurate leaderboard, and for a website like GuildOx that attempts to rank every single character, the effect would likely be too much. On top of that, it looks like alts do not actually "earn" achievements earned by other characters on the account until that alt is logged into in-game. This means if someone earns an achievement on one character but doesn't log into the other for awhile, they would appear to not be on the same account. I think something needs to be done on Blizzard's end to fix this problem.
By Chloerayne Sep 1, 2012
The answer would be to make the same change Blizzard made... go to account tags instead of just character names. Have everyone use their tag for GuildOx and then allow them to select 1 main toon to be displayed on the rankings. Perhaps a drop down could be developed to allow others to see toons linked to the main etc... just a thought.
By Picoglad Sep 1, 2012
I checked my armory page and my Battle tag is not displayed. Probably isn't also from the API. But I'm pretty sure that if you compare all the earned achievements and the dates that they are earned will give a unique fingerprint to identify toons from the same account. Maybe have the toon that has the highest iLvl displayed on the ranking page by default?
By Polar Sep 2, 2012
Good suggestions.

On the subject of alt detection - I am taking a closer look into it all but I quickly found a slight obstacle in that alts that already had a given achievement prior to patch 5.0.4 retained their time/date stamp from when they achieved it rather than inheriting the better time/date stamp from their main. If the alt did not have it then they will have inherited the time/date stamp from their main.

This inconsistency will give us a partial filtering of the results (ie. some alts may have a different time/date stamp on achievements compared to the main) - and a partial filtering is probably not going to cut it.

I am not so worried about people need to log into the game to refresh their details - MoP is just around the corner and we will re-focus the service on level 90 characters.

As for having just the highest level toon displayed - yes, possibly, but we need to get the alt detection correct sorted first.


PS - don't worry to much about the coding or resource impact - we can do some fancy things to get around these.
By Polar Sep 2, 2012
I should add that this obstacle might go away when MoP starts up since it "should" then assign a MoP achievement to all alts at the same time (since none would have the MoP achievement previously).

If this is the solution, then the next question is how to work out which one is the main? :)
By Hexzon Sep 4, 2012
Yeah you just sort of answered the question, in terms on what do you do with partial filtering, and obviously once a mop meta comes out you can simply use that, as for setting which toon as the the main, i mean there is a few different things, Bettered Geared is prob the one that stands out, once you have the characters listed as tied to the same account, other things such as which has the higher HKS, or More Raid boss Kills, higher arena or rbg rating.

I mean if they are all join on the character viewing screen, that's a give away.
By Salaction Sep 6, 2012
Maybe you don't need a main. If you know which characters belong to one account.
You could just select one character and have a drop down menu once you click on it to see the other characters that belong to this account, or on the next page once you click on it.
People that visit this site should have the option to pinpoint out the main, however.

We've gone account wide, so what does it matter who's the main :)?
By firmlife Sep 8, 2012
In addition to checking dates on achievements, you can check things like number of honor kills and amount of gold looted. It would be almost impossible for these to match across multiple toons unless those toons are on the same account.
By Hexzon Sep 9, 2012
One of the Panda Meta's is Easy way, and simply don't rank someone on achievements unless they completed 1-2 of these meta's so they can be matched, which wont be a problem because anyone with like over 13k which is what most servers need to get ranked will have a meta.
By Polar Sep 9, 2012
We are experimenting with a couple of things and it is looking promising. Let's collect data for a bit and I will release more info shortly.
By Hexzon Sep 9, 2012
Few Easy Meta's As well.

Explore Pandaria
Pandaria Dungeon Hero
Loremaster of Pandaria (Did like 85% of this well leveling to 90 on beta, 3 different times so most will get fast)

These ones might take some time, but obviously are great for it.
Dynamic Duo
Double Agent
Jack of All Trades

And then there is like 10 different pet battle achievements, so you can match up like 15 or so achievements to Alt check, which honestly in most cases you will probably only have to do 3.

There is of course also Honorable Kills achievement which will keep stacking numbers past completion, but characters have to be logged on to after kills for it to be updated perfectly from what I've seen.
By rahael Sep 9, 2012
On a related note, any idea on how to deal with the rankings for mounts and companion pets now that they are account wide? For example, my hunter and priest show as having 153 mounts but my paladin shows as 155 since she also gets the two class specific ones. You might could use the "alt" information from comparing achievements to also collapse characters for these rankings and simply choose to display the character with the highest amount.
By Galadeon Sep 9, 2012
Here is an issue I posted on twitter. Example: 25-man guild. 10 members run a separate 10man guild with their alts. All the toons are 90. One night they get some progression achieves on their 25man guild. These achieves then also show up on the 10 toons in the separate 10-man guild.
How do you stop the 10man guild from pooping up with the achievements and getting ranked?
By Polar Sep 9, 2012
@raheal The key is to get the alt detection right and then we can apply it to our toon rankings. I expect that it will apply nicely to mounts, companions, achpoints and feats of strength lists nicely.

@hexzon Nice list! I will look into it more!
By dopplegager Sep 10, 2012
Some possible solutions could be take take the data from several different achievements. Honor kills are now shared so it would he a good indicator if several tions are list at close to the same achievement point level and earned 50k hks on the same day it the likelyhood of then being from the same account.

Some issue could arise for example if the number one player for achievement points in the world made alts on every other server would they show up #1 as well?

I don't know if its possible to even get the data but when I look in my guild achievement leaderboard all my characters still show their actual score. If that data could be pulled then problems could be solved.
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