By Allareiks Jul 30, 2012
first of all congrats for such a good job by doing this site.

I'm opining this new thread to clarify some doubts I have.

I can see my Guild page here:

In "Heroic: Morchok" and "Heroic: Warlord Zon'ozz" I can see a link called LIST. This opens a new pop-up window with some names of guild members, but it does not correspond with all the people in my guild who actually killed that boss, individually or in a guild raid. How is this being counted?

And also, what about the other killed bosses? Why don't they show the List link?

Thank you so much for your help.
By Polar Jul 31, 2012
Thanks for the kind words.

To try to answer your questions:

1. Why does the "list" not show all raiders? We have minimum thresholds for gaining boss kills. These were the players that our crawlers saw at the time of the kill and it might be that your guild was scanned pretty soon after your guild and half your raid team may not yet have logged out of WoW. Normally, the list gets expanded with all raiders when our crawlers go back and re-scan the guild. However, there are a few reasons why this may not have been successful (including players leaving the guild, partial scans, etc.). We lock kills after 21 days of recording it so it won't update any further.

2. Why does it only show list for two of your kills? We only "list" raid members for the heroic kills and normal madness kills - this explains why your normal mode kills don't have a list. As for the other heroic kills (and madness), your guild has earned kills over time via our "over time threshold" probably due to you recruiting characters that previously had these kills. Consequently we were unable to find a "single raid" where enough players earned their first-kill and as such, we were not able to show the raid list.

Hope that helps explain it.
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