By duffry Jul 12, 2012
I'm conducting some analysis of data on different EU servers to see how they shape up with regards populations, progress and the like. I've been hugely helped by your Realm Ranks page ( but wanted to go a little deeper in understanding.

I've managed to produce a few charts showing relative population, progress, type, faction balance etc but would like to also get an idea of 10/25 man split, progress speed, progress activity and guild density.

I think I can get a lot, if not all of this by building a crawler to plod through the page linked above and pull out the data from each server detail page (e.g.,, though the progress speed would probably need to drill another level down into each guild. However, it would be great not to have to produce this crawler if the data were more readily available somewhere I haven't found.

Is there any help you (or someone reading this) can off to gather this info?

Examples of the charts produced so far for reference:
By Polar Jul 15, 2012
You would be best to email me with an outline of what you want the data for and how you plan to use it.
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