By Katrist May 19, 2012
So I was looking at the rankings on Shandris and not only do I not see my guild, which is 8/8 normal, listed, but there are several other guilds with 1/8 normal, 4/8 normal, etc that are showing up. Am I misunderstanding something? Thanks! (Dark and Stormy Knights)
By Polar May 20, 2012
You are currently showing as #44 on your server:
By Katrist May 21, 2012
Hiya. Not that it is that big a deal, because after having to take a few months off, our progression is behind the times anyway, but

Just confused me is all-we don't show there at all if you choose 10 man progression under the realm drop down, and as I said, other guilds that show 1/8 do show. Was just curious as to why that would be. Thanks for the great site!
By Polar May 21, 2012
Hi Katrist,

You have had a whole lot of people join your guild just before May 9 and this has resulted in GuildOx awarding your last kill (madness kill) based on 10 people having killed it in your guild, but not necessarily in the same raid. I assume that a lot of these people had already killed Madness before joining your guild. As a result, we have not tagged this kill as a 10m or 25m. However, as soon as you kill your next boss as a "guild" then you will be back on the 10m ranking list.
By Katrist May 24, 2012
Hi. We had a couple of people join just before May 9; most of the people raiding have been with us for some time. We had a full guild run when we killed Madness last Friday as well. We are still not showing on the page when I look it up though. And we raided again as a full guild run this past Tuesday, May 22, but I still don't see the update. Thanks!
By Katrist May 24, 2012
Also, sometimes when I go to look up our guild here, it says "guild not found" but I can find it using the search feature, and our LFG update is also not showing (I see nothing for Shandris, which may be true besides us for all I know.) Thanks again.
By Polar May 24, 2012
Hello again - GuildOx is not going to refresh your status with later kills of the same boss. As soon as you kill the next boss in the progression list, probably Morchok heroic, it will put you straight back on the 10m list.
By Polar May 24, 2012
Also, if you suspect a bug with your LFG listing then please post it up in the bugs forum and we will get straight on to it.
By Katrist May 25, 2012
I guess I don't understand what that means, as we only got the guild achievement last Friday, but it isn't important. I will check out the bug forum. Thanks again!
By WDWMKR Jul 2, 2012
Not sure why this is, but when i update my character, it shows gear I ugraded from over 2 weeks ago still on it. When I go to update guild progresss (shows we are 7/8 norm, when we are actually 4/8HM) it just says armory down for maintenence... however, i can go right to the armory, and it shows my character, and the kills from the bosses in the DS10 Guild raid. Any way for me to update this accurately? The guild is Amnesia on shadowsong US server.
By Polar Jul 3, 2012
Try it again now and let me know if you still have problems.
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