By repley81 Apr 3, 2012
Why is my guild...Onslaught of Disorder being shown under the 25-10 man rankings when we dont' even run 25 man raids?
By repley81 Apr 3, 2012
Yeah ur site shows my guild as a 25 man raiding guild when we are only a ten man raiding guild?...whats up with that?
By repley81 Apr 3, 2012
nvm...guess I shoulda been patient and let the sight update my rankings since I"m a first time user
By Powderpuff Apr 20, 2012
I'm having the same problem with the guild Ripe Gangsters on the Alonsus server it is being shown as a 25 man guild but we only run 10 man teams. Can you fix this please?
By Polar Apr 20, 2012
From our about page:

If you complete LFR in a guild run with 18 or more players then it can trigger some of the normal mode boss kills and potentially misclassify guilds as 25m raiding guilds. Again, this is a limitation based on the data received from Blizzard. Fortunately, your guild will be back in the 10m rankings as soon as you kill your next boss in 10m mode.
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