By rynin Feb 5, 2016
I have attempted to update my guild progress the past few days, and it says the guild is updated, but doesnt show our new Mythic kills. I also go to the Guild Member list, and it shows that my guild has no members.

Concordis on Kil'jaeden.
By Givenchys Feb 5, 2016
Same problem here : Ænigma on Draenor-EU
By dp (site admin) Feb 6, 2016
Sorry about that. Looks like a small change we made yesterday removed members from some guilds, which means your boss kills would not have been registered. Fixed now, and I've forced an update on all guilds affected, so your kills should be registered shortly.

By rynin Feb 7, 2016
Hmm, still isnt registering our guilds Mythic Assault kill.
By dp (site admin) Feb 8, 2016
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