By Walkingdude Dec 13, 2015
Wanted to put a banner up on our website, today. The banner works ok, but I noticed that we were ranked 14th on the server, not possible as we are a very casual raiding guild. I started looking at the whole of server ranks, and noticed that a lot of other guilds have not been updated for months? I went down the list and updated every guild listed on Sen'jin US. Now we are ranked 30th on the server. My big question here is... I thought you updated guilds within 3 days of a boss kill? Will I have to continue to update other guilds so that our ranking is accurate?
By dp (site admin) Dec 13, 2015
Blizzard doesn't tell us when you record a new boss kill, so we keep up-to-date by checking all guilds regularly. However, we have a limited number of requests we can make to their API daily, so we can't check every guild every day.

When guilds haven't killed anything new for a while, we stop checking so frequently (to allow us to more regularly check other guilds who are making progress).

We also always scan when you click the Update Now link. If we find a new kill, we'll automatically move your guild back up the priority so it's again checked more often.

I hope that helps to explain it.

By Walkingdude Dec 13, 2015
Yes, I understand , thank you. Just was not sure if there may have been another issue.
again thank you for you're reply.
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