By Cyntaria Aug 6, 2015
Killed a new boss in Normal HFC last night and we're currently 10/13. Started update about 11:00pm last night and it said "In queue: 320 characters to process". 24 hours later and it still says the same and has not updated.

Guild: Radiant Dark - Windrunner US

We had 16 guild members in attendance (and 1 pug) the entire raid.

By dp (site admin) Aug 6, 2015

Looks like there is a bit of a backlog at the moment caused by lots of guilds killing new bosses.

Usually if you start an update yourself via the website, you'll get priority over the background tasks, but it seems that the background system was already running when you started an update so it didn't get the higher priority.

All fixed now. Should be updated in a few minutes.

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