By Véronique Jul 12, 2015

I need a little bit help.

Our guild doesn't update completely. The system says, that there are no members scanned yet. But we have 2 characters at level 100 & 3 characters at level 90 & 2 characters at level 1. So, we have a minimum of 2 characters, that could be scanned.

Is there a minimum of characters we need in our guild to update it?

Our guild name: Dark Blades
Realm: Un'goro
Zone: Europe
By dp (site admin) Jul 12, 2015
Yes, Guildox won't scan your guild until it has at least 10 members (of any level). We're focused mainly on raiding and 10 is the minimum needed for raids.

We fully scan toons 16 levels lower than the highest level (so with the current expansion, all toons >84 will be scanned). Note that any toons under level 10 don't appear in the Blizzard Armory, so we can't scan those at all.

By Véronique Jul 12, 2015
Ok, thanks.
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