By Chojin Jun 14, 2015
Hi there. I was checking my server ranking on my main and he doesn't show up in the top 100, but my alt on the server does with significantly more Achievement points than my main. Poking around the site some more, I noticed many of my alts are showing up with the same amount of points, yet my main remains extremely low. Any way to fix this?
By dp (site admin) Jun 15, 2015
Guildox filters alts from all achievement lists, so you're only going to be seen once on any list. That's because achievements are shared among all your toons.

Guildox uses the date your first toon leveled to 100 to indicate your 'main'. However, where that toon is filtered out (for example your main is a druid but you're looking at just mages), you will instead see an alt.

I hope that helps explain how the lists work. If you still have an issue, please let me know your toon's name and which lists you think are incorrect (via the contact us form if you like) and I'll take a closer look.

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