By dp (site admin) Dec 16, 2014
It will be back once we re-enable logging in. At the moment all alts that were hidden are still hidden, If you'd like yours hidden urgently, please contact us directly using the Contact Us link on the top with your character's name and realm and we'll organize it.

By unknown Dec 24, 2014
I have issues with stalkers and I need my alts hidden and I contacted support 3 times and each time failed with the mail not being able to be delivered. Is there another way to hide alts?
By dp (site admin) Dec 24, 2014
How did you try to contact support? Use the 'contact us' link at the top of this page which will contact us directly. Being able to hide alts yourself will be back in the next 24 hours. David.
By momou Feb 4, 2017
By johnworne Mar 7, 2017
i'm new's very simple we click hide and unhide.
By johnworne Mar 7, 2017
my name vivek sharma jaipur
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