By tuktik Mar 6, 2013
Why does MMO-champ quote russian site wowprogress and not Guildox for raid progress? You guys rock yet you don't seem to get a mention around raid time.
By Polar Mar 10, 2013
I am not sure you can call them a "russian site" - the wowprogress server is in Germany (their owner, Kernel, is in Russia though).

In any case, we get quite a few mentions on mmo-champion just not around raiding. I have been told that they have "traditionally" used wowprogress and this is the reason.

Some examples of coverage are:

With the heroics kicking off next week, feel free to post up on the mmo-champion forums asking for some GuildOx love (just avoid an infraction for advertising). Maybe a few extra voices might convince them!
By Polar Mar 13, 2013
Go Conjor!
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