By Dareniun Feb 27, 2013
My guild is more of a social guild which has a subset of players who like to raid just a few nights a week. Nothing serious and definitely not hard core, although we do have a few really good players who have their mains in hard core raid guilds to meet their serious needs ...

Going into MOP we heard we could start Vaults at heroic gear level, ilevel 463 and have a little success on the first few bosses. Now keep in mind that the core of our raid group is casual/social in nature, they are competent but don't gear up as fast as other guilds. What we found was that 463 ilevel was not appropriate for our level of play. In researching these forums I found a chart that says most guilds first kill on the first boss in Vaults was on average ilevel 470. Upon reflexion, my guild is thinking we should have waited to have closer to 470 ilevel on average for our group to have been more successful from the get go.

Moving forward to patch 5.2. It seems that the first gear which drops is going to be ilevel 522 and I'm ~thinking~ that we should target ilevel 502, just under the gear which drops from the new LFR as a starting point for our group to be at before even thinking of banging our heads on the new content.

Has anyone seen any suggested ilevel requirements for the new 5.2 raid content? Anyone have any ideas what might be a good starting point for a mainly social guild that raids part time?

Thanks for any help you can provide :)
By Polar Feb 27, 2013
The team at Blizzard have stated that they are expecting guilds to continue to run the MSV, HoF and Terrace raids to gear up to be able to enter the Throne of Thunder raid (these drop up 496 ilevel gear on normal mode). The Throne of Thunder LFR will have a 480 ilevel entry point as well. This all suggests that an ilevel of at least 496 is probably required. If your guild is a little more casual then your suggestion of a 502 target level is probably a good one.

Other thoughts?
By Dareniun Mar 1, 2013

Thanks for the reply. Your information provided has helped us to make a sane decision. I think we're going to go with an ilevel of 500 raid wide average with no single toon below 496. This should be good for our make up. We have a ton of heart when it comes to raiding just need to be smarter about a few things :)

Thanks again!
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