By synthia Dec 23, 2012
Is there any way to do this? i found out about this after you started . Checked all the appropriate boxes. But your sytem doesnt seem to acknowledge this and is listing them anyway. It should be my choice about telling people my alts. I dont think it should be yours
By Polar Dec 25, 2012
Hi, this thread covers it a little more:
By bmr2702 Jan 2, 2013
any idea when this will be fixed i dont like having my alts showing up on the site
By Polar Jan 2, 2013
Only Blizzard can answer this - did you raise an in-game ticket as the blue poster suggested?
By synthia Feb 6, 2013
if nothing is going to happen with alt detection id like to know how to take my charecters out of your database . I still have a problem with it and alts showing up. I have been patient . but it doesnt seem like this is going away
By Polar Feb 6, 2013
Hi - did you raise an in-game ticket as the blue poster suggested? What did the GM say?
By synthia Feb 7, 2013
yes i did i have not got a response yet from them . Someone im not .. happy with in wow came here to do some digging after i wouldnt battletag him. this is why this site is a concern to me
By Polar Feb 11, 2013
Be aware that there are a lot of sites that now track alts and anyone with a slight amount of programming skill can easily write something to track you via the API. This is why you really need to get it fixed at the source.
By Basti Feb 19, 2013
If we checked the appropriate function (Display Only Character Achievements to Others) to disable this after you have already captured the data, what happens then? Will this remove all alts showing up in this site?
By Polar Feb 20, 2013
The next time GuildOx refreshes the character data then it will unlink the alt detection. You can speed this up by hitting "update" on each GuildOx character page.
By synthia Feb 26, 2013
Im dissapointed . I still would like to take my charecters out of the guild ox database as long as you have this up (and blizz has not fixed the bug). It is similar to finding my account has been hacked and my battletag is being published. I am well aware of blizzards bug in this , but the alt tracking data is here. the other sites you mention seem to have an on-site disable function for the tracking.
By Polar Feb 26, 2013
Locked - As mentioned, it is best to take this up with Blizzard tech support and request a fix at the source.
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