By Upsetpanda Dec 2, 2012
The title speaks for itself!

[H]Delusions of Grandeur is an established guild on US-Spinebreaker that is looking to add some more exceptional raiders to it's rank. currently we are 6/6 MSV and 3/6 HoF and looking to keep moving.

Our raid days are as follows: Tuesday 6pm-9pm PST, Thursday 6pm-9pm PST, and Sunday 6pm-8pm PST. Given that we only raid 8 hours a week, we are in fact a casual guild with players who strife for perfection and progression. Most of us are retired "hardcore" raiders who are looking to still enjoy the end-game content the game has but maintain the fact we have outside responsibilities. That being said, we except our raiders to be punctual (a few minutes early is even better!) and to be able to stay for the duration of the raids, of course extenuating circumstances will be considered.

What we expect from our players: Good attitudes, knowledge of their class/spec, the ability to possibly play more than one spec if necessary, to read up on the fights we plan to do, come prepared to raids with flasks and personal food (even though feasts will be provided; flasks aren't difficult to obtain either), the ability to take constructive criticism, and the ability to follow directions.

Delusions of Grandeur was founded about five years ago on the simple principal of leaving egos at the door, no nerd-raging raid leaders, and making the game still enjoyable. Those are the times of things you can expect to find within our ranks.

Currently we are seeking to grow, and because of that we are looking for exceptional players of any class and spec, although we are seeking healers more than anything. We would like people who can consistently raid on a weekly basis; people who show up on farm days and that's it won't be tolerated ;)

If you'd like anymore information about the guild feel free to contact me through this website, or add me via RealID:

Hopefully we'll be seeing some of you around the way soon!

-Upsetpanda, DoG Recruitment Officer
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