By Krazyboomkin Nov 21, 2012
Our guild is raiding both 10 and 25 man content but it is only updating our 10 man and nothing on the 25 man side. Is there some other setting I have to do to get the 25 man to update as well. Most of our first kills are in 10 man but we kill shortly after with our 25 man group. Please let me know how to get both 25 man and 10 man to update as we progress.

The guild name is Cosa Nóstra on the US-Stormrage server. The "ó" is alt 0243. We are currently 6/6 in MSV for our 25 man and 9/16 in overall in 10 man.

Thank you
By Polar Nov 21, 2012
Our 'About' page goes into some detail on our tracking mechanism - please take a look at it by clicking on the About tab at the top of this page. Yell out if it does not cover off your question.
By Tuwa Nov 23, 2012
Exalted on US-Cenarion Circle is haveing the same issue with the posting of our 10 and 25man raids. We are running both 10 & 25man raids and our progress is not updating properly. At times is will show our 10 man progress and at other times our 25man progress. The dates of our first kills for achievements were done by our 10 mn raid but have been changed to later dates to reflect out 25man kills. :-(

Currenty we are 5/6 MV normal and 2/6 HoF normal. in our 10 man raid & 4/6 MV normal in our 25man raid. Please help get this issue fix.

Thank you.
By Polar Nov 23, 2012
Could you post this in the bugs forum please? Thanks
By Polar Nov 23, 2012
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