By Angelol Nov 6, 2012
Is there a possibility to hide my characters?
I dont like to be tracked like this - it's kinda privacy destruction.
WoWtrack offers a "disable" function... Is here smth like this too?
By Polar Nov 6, 2012
There are a lot of sites that are now tracking alts - and I am sure many more will pop up in the future. The Blizzard API is open to all so anyone with some web development skills will be able to track alts via the account-wide achievements. The best fix for this is to turn off the shared achievements via your game settings (and that way it will be stopped for all tracking sites):

If you don't want your alts to be known then it can be disabled by going into the game, selecting Interface/Display and then checking the "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" setting.

By BlackPhoenix Nov 26, 2013
Okay, sorry to necro this post, but disabling that doesn't fix the fact that our alts are listed, only stops new ones from being listed. How do we make it so they are removed from the list?
By dp (site admin) Nov 28, 2013
Hi BlackPhoenix.

I agree that there should be a 'toon removal' option. I've just taken over GuildOx and will be making a few improvements to the site. I'll make sure this is one of them.

David (New GuildOx owner).
By jed7 Jan 4, 2014
Hi David,

I just joined guildox and would like to be able to hide my alts too. How long now until you implement the hide alts feature?

By dp (site admin) Jan 6, 2014
Alt removal is now enabled. See the news post for more details.

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