By pandominus Nov 3, 2012
First off, Great site and ive become almost as addicted to this site than i have warcraft.

Now, I wonder if i'm being impatient or not. however on 2/11/12 my guild killed Magmaw on heroic, we had a full guild team, and everyone involved gained the [magmaw: heroic] achievement. yet having updated guildox, its not updated that kill, Like i said i may just be being impatient. but considering we're a fairly new and inexperienced guild towards heroics, this has excited us a bit much.

If it helps yours crawlers, the information on the kill is as follow.

Shadows Of Akkadian - Azuremyst-EU.

Tanks: Durge (DK), Thunderhoofs (Paladin)
Healers: Candysweets (Paladin), Ayvox (Monk)
DPS: Pandominus (Warrior), Polkaa (Warlock), Numaara (Warlock), Cel (DK), Ayumeria (Paladin), Athena (Hunter),
By Polar Nov 3, 2012
Hi - this thread might help explain it:
By pandominus Nov 3, 2012
the link sent me to a page that just showed a reply box and no other information?
By Polar Nov 3, 2012
Sorry about that - try the link now.
By pandominus Nov 4, 2012
aha. i see. thanks.
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