By ProgressGuild Oct 31, 2012
Progress - 25 man raiding guild on the Shattered Hand EU realm. We are currently one of the best horde guilds on realm. We are a semi-casual progressive raiding guild, raiding only 8 hours per week but making the most of that time. Our slightly later raid times allow you to be settled down after a day at work/college or whatever it is you spend your days doing before a raid, rather than being rushed to get on. 8pm till midnight. ( 3 raid days during progression)

We require nearly 100% attendance.

What we can offer you:

- A social yet progressive raiding guild.
- A group of easy to get along with, mature and friendly.
- Experienced raiders and raid leader.
- A friendly atmosphere, inside and out of raids.
- Low rotation raiding

What we expect from you:

- A high level of communication.
- A high level of attendance to prevent the need for rotation.
- An experienced raider who can adapt and learn from mistakes
- A player dedicated to achieving progression, both for yourself and the guild.
- A very friendly and social player, no jerks allowed.

Currently we're looking for a exceptional players of any class.

Our raid days are every Wednesday (thursdays during progression) and Monday 20:00-24:00
By ProgressGuild Nov 11, 2012
Update: 3/6 HoF, 2/6Hc MV

Still looking for exceptional players!
By ProgressGuild Nov 16, 2012
We are looking for exceptional dpsers of all classes and specs to join us in 25m HoFNormal and MV HC!
By ProgressGuild Nov 19, 2012
Still looking for some more exceptional dspers of and class/spec for 25m raiding!
By ProgressGuild Nov 23, 2012
WTB more dpsers and 1 healz for 25m raiding!
By ProgressGuild Nov 24, 2012
bump for dpsers!
By ProgressGuild Nov 25, 2012
Bumb for dps
By ProgressGuild Nov 26, 2012
Need more dps
By ProgressGuild Nov 27, 2012
LFM dpsers for 25m raiding!
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