By Madsoul Oct 20, 2012
is this a bug or what but it shows only guilds on anvilmar and not our guild riders of the horde us server-anvilmar, please fix this cause we do our updates and its useless o use guild ox if this does not show the correct guild ranks. Seems guild ox is bugging out a lot since MOP,please address these problems, as reading other guilds problems are very similar. thank you
By Polar Oct 21, 2012
By Linx36 Nov 8, 2012
I agree with guild ox having lots of problems I have been trying to verify my registration for 2 day now, sent a e-mail to support with no responce, How are we suppost to use the site if we can't get support
By Polar Nov 8, 2012
Locked. @Linx - I reply to every email that has been received. Please check your spam folders :)
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