By pandominus Oct 17, 2012
Before MoP, when you selected your realm and then raid rank it used to show the rank of guilds that had completed the latest raid, at this point in time it was Dragon Soul (N/H), There was also an option bar above to select older Content, T13, T12, T11 and so on... now since MoP release it seems GuildOx is only bothered by the MoP content as the options bar has gone. Could we get this veiwing choice back please.
By Polar Oct 21, 2012
Hi - I can't recall us ever having this option bar but you can view the T13, T12 and T11 boss kill data on the guild's GuildOx page.

You can also see the achievement data for previous tiers by selecting Guild Rank/Raid Achievements and then select the required tier.
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