By kalel Sep 23, 2012
Be careful joining or buying a Guild.
Blizzard introduced an Exploitwith patch 5.0.4, that was used by some players, to create and lvl a guild to 25 in few hours.

The exploit was hot-fixed a few days later.

When you get into a guild you can check the guild achievement - general - [Guild Level 25] and klick it, to compare the date to the date of the [Guild Level 20] achievement. If the difference is too low and in the 2 weeks after 5.0.4, the guild most probably cheated.
When /ginfo shows the guild creation on the same day, the guild definitifly cheated.

Blizzard has not yet responded to the multiple forum Threads and GM tickets.
The question is, how hard and complicated their reactions will be?
Some possible punishments:
- the guild is de-leveled by the cheated guild expierience, but played gExp stays.
- the guild is de-leveled to lvl 1 with 0 gExp
- the cheater gets baned
- all members get their extra earned Exp, Crafting- procs, "mount speed", Gold for spared repairs, items bought from bonus points, ... from all guild perks removed or reset.
- all members get baned, knowing from it or not (like some randoms in the LFR exploit runs).

I have more ideas, but lets see, what Blizzard will do, and when.
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